The Original Dressing Room
on Wheels

We're not just a brand; we're a solution born from a real dance mom's experience right in Ontario, Canada. Our founder, a passionate dance mom, knew the struggles of dealing with messy costumes all too well. That's when the idea for RAC N ROLL was born.

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  • I was the envy of all the other dance moms!

    All of my costumes, props, shoes, makeup, hair stuff, jewelry and snacks were in one place, and it made Emerald’s quick changes a breeze. Thanks again for such a great invention.

    -Jennifer, Ontario, Canada

  • Thank You, Thank You, Rac N Roll!

    Now my girls are much more independent. They can pull their own dance bag, get ready on their own and don’t lose any of their costume pieces.

    -Lisa, Connecticut, USA

  • Thank You so Much!

    Thank you so much for getting this to us before we leave for nationals. It is exactly what we were looking for.

    -Jenny, California, USA

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We believe strongly in giving back to the community. Read more about Rac N Roll’s Corporate Philanthropy.


The original rolling dance bag

Say goodbye to backstage chaos with the original dressing room on wheels! Our innovative solution combines a sturdy garment rack and well-thought-out compartments, designed to simplify your costume changes and keep you organized. It's a game-changer for performers like you!

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